Get Started

  • Who can use OpenHarbor?
Anyone above the age 18 with an approved Binance account can sign up for OpenHarbor. Please note that for anti-money laundering reasons, there are several jurisdictions deemed high risk and cannot sign up for Binance and OpenHarbor. Learn more by reading our Terms of Service.
  • I don’t have a Binance account. Can I use OpenHarbor?
At the moment, you need a Binance account to use OpenHarbor. Please visit Binance at https://www.binance.com/en to create your account and start your KYC process.

We plan on adding more exchanges to OpenHarbor, so stay tuned!
  • Can OpenHarbor withdraw my funds?
No, OpenHarbor communicates with your Binance account through an API connection, and does NOT have access to withdraw or deposit funds to/from your accounts. You have 100% control over your assets, so do not worry!
  • Why do I need to create a Binance sub account?
Sub accounts allow users to trade through multiple accounts. You can easily manage transactions by designating different sub accounts to different strategies.

OpenHarbor asks all users to create a Binance sub account so that users can easily see and manage their assets assigned to a strategy on OpenHarbor.


  • I’m having issues with my account. How can I get help?
Please email us at support@openharbor.finance with details about your issues. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Security on OpenHarbor
OpenHarbor only interacts with exchanges using secure API connection. We whitelist IPs to provide strong security.

Most importantly, OpenHarbor does not have any withdrawal permissions. So your funds can never be moved out of your exchange wallets.

Since we cannot withdraw funds, hackers may try to gain account access to our users’ exchange wallets to manipulate market prices. To prevent this from happening, OpenHarbor stores all sensitive information such as API Keys in encrypted form.


  • My investment amount is different in my dashboard.
Please email us at support@openharbor.finance with details, and we will look into this ASAP.
  • Is there a minimum investment amount?
We believe that anyone should be able to participate, so we only require the bare minimum amount required by Binance to execute multiple trades. Minimum investment amount is as low as 300 USDT and defers by strategy, so please check our app to learn more.
  • Are exchange fees taken into account when calculating profit?
Yes, we take into account all relevant fees when calculating profit.